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Posted Thursday December 18, 2014 at 12:22:16 am in Musings

Wire and Honey is a Baltimore based shop selling rad threads for littles. Join me in applauding my wife Sarah for taking an idea and maturing it. I know I haven't written a blog post in quite some time. Chalk it up to baseball season being over, my son growing up, being ridiculously busy, whatever. But I really wanted to write an entry discussing my wife's (and a much lesser extent I's) venture: Wire and Honey.

The description Sarah put together for Wire and Honey is succint, but says so much. You can read about it here, but I'll repost it:

Who are we personally? We are Steve and Rah, a husband and wife team. We have a son, Brady, who is quite possibly the coolest kid to ever walk this earth (not that we are biased or anything).  After we had our son, we noticed that the clothing options, particularly for toddler boys, were limited. We live in the city, we are an urban family, and most of the apparel that can be found at the major retailers just didn?t fit our offbeat style. So, here we are, embarking on this crazy journey of creating rad apparel for urban littles. We sincerely appreciate your support in fueling our passion for our son and fashion.

What she doesn't mention on this page is not only how bold this venture actually is...but also how generous we hope it will become for the community. Even before a single shirt was printed, even before a single shirt was sold....Sarah was talking about how she can give back to the community.

I can't express enough how admirable this is. While most companies can spend years before they start thinking about charitable endeavours, Sarah was researching charities that meant dear to her. She wanted Wire and Honey to give back to the community. And she wanted to make this a forefront. I kid you not: before there was a store on WireAndHoney.com, there was a community page

The Believe in Music shirt will be available tomorrow. But just so you know, ALL proceeds from this shirt will go towards the Believe in Music program. You can read more about it here.In addition, each one of these shirts will be shipped with a postcard designed by one of the kids. 

All that aside, Wire and Honey has partnered with Ray's Print House. All of the shirts are printed on American Apparel products. We take pride in using high quality threads for your littles. 

Anyways, Wire and Honey launched with 3 designs today and will launch with with a couple more tomorrow. Those 3 designs:


Everything Zen purchase here

Everything Zen



Hey Lady purchase here

Hey Lady


Vaccines Save, Bro (black) purchase here

Vaccines Save, Bro (Black)


Vaccines Save, Bro (purple) purchase here

 Vaccines Save, Bro (Purple)


I couldn't be prouder. Not just as a husband. Or as a father. But as someone that can take a step back and realize all the heart and soul that is going in to this venture right now....and in the days to come.

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