Windows 8 Suggestion: Improve Uninstallation of Desktop App from Start Screen

Posted Tuesday December 18, 2012 at 12:30:24 am in Technology

I like the Start Screen. There, I said it. But it is not perfect. Not yet. There are improvements that can be made to make it better. And here is one.

Currently you can uninstall a Windows Store app right from the Start Screen. Just right click on it (or tap and slide down slightly on a touch device) and click Uninstall. Bam, gone. Very simple and seamless for the user.

However, if you have a desktop application pinned to a Start Screen, it's a bit different. Yes, you can still right click on it. Yes, you can still click Uninstall. But that's where it stops. Instead of becoming simple and seamless, it becomes a bit more tedious. Not horrible, but not as seamless as it should be.

See, it pulls up the Uninstall or change a program feature. And that's it. You then have to find the application from the list and double click it to start the Uninstaller associated with it.

Not perfect. Hopefully in a future update they make it as seamless and simple as the uninstallation of Windows Store apps. 

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