Omar Vizquel is not a HOFer

Posted Friday December 28, 2012 at 10:41:38 pm in Real Sports

Omar Vizquel is/was many things: a great teammate, a class act, and a phenomenal defender. But one thing that he should not be is a HOFer.

Some people are saying that if Ozzie Smith is in the HOF than so should Omar Vizquel. If I was drinking a beer, I'd spit it out at that notion. Regardless of what kind. 

If we want to go purely off of something like WAR (of the FanGraphs variety) Ozzie Smith looks something like this:

70.1 WAR over 2,573 games from 1978-1996. Good for 1 WAR every 36.7 games. 

And Omar Vizquel?

47.4 WAR over 2,968 games from 1989-2012. Good for 1 WAR every 62.6 games.

Just going off of WAR averaged over their games, Ozzie Smith is 70.6% better than Omar Vizquel. Let that sink in.

70.6% better than Omar Vizquel.

Let's strictly looking at fielding for a second. For Fielding Runs Above Average:

Ozzie Smith: 239 in 2,573 games. Good for 1 every 10.8 games.

Omar Vizquel: 129.8 in 2,968 games. Good for 1 every 22.9 games. 

Just off of Fielding Runs Above Average Ozzie Smith is 112% better. Now, let that sink in.

112% better than Omar Vizquel.

Ozzie Smith was also a much, much, much better base runner than that of Omar Vizquel. 

Hitting wise neither were prolific...or even good. Ozzie Smith sports a career 87 OPS+ whereas Omar Vizquel has a career 82 OPS+. 

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