Migrating Umbraco Dictionary (MS-SQL)

Posted Monday March 4, 2013 at 11:55:21 am in Development

When working on sites with multiple languages, Umbraco developers typically use the Dictionary framework built into Umbraco. However, when working on deploying a site with a host of dictionary entries, how do we best accomplish this?

There are a few ways to accomplish this, some include utilizing existing plugins. However, if you want the SQL way of doing it, here you go:

CREATE TABLE SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempDictionary
	pk int NOT NULL,
	id uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,
	parent uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,
	[key] nvarchar(1000) NOT NULL

CREATE TABLE SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempLanguageText 
	pk int NOT NULL,
	languageId int NOT NULL,
	UniqueId uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,
	value nvarchar(1000) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempDictionary (pk, id, parent, [key])
(SELECT pk, id, parent, [key]
FROM SourceDatabase.dbo.cmsDictionary AS cmsD 
WHERE cmsD.[key] collate Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS NOT IN
(SELECT cmsD2.[key] 
FROM TargetDatabase.dbo.cmsDictionary AS cmsD2))

INSERT INTO SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempLanguageText (pk, languageId, UniqueId, value)
(SELECT pk, languageId, UniqueId, value
FROM SourceDatabase.dbo.cmsLanguageText AS cmsL 
WHERE cmsL.[UniqueId] IN (SELECT td.id FROM SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempDictionary AS td))

INSERT INTO TargetDatabase.dbo.cmsDictionary (id, parent, [key])
(SELECT id, parent, [key] FROM SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempDictionary)

INSERT INTO TargetDatabase.dbo.cmsLanguageText (languageId, UniqueId, value)
(SELECT languageId, UniqueId, value FROM SourceDatabase.dbo.#TempLanguageText)

DROP TABLE SourceDatabase.dbo.[#TempDictionary]
DROP TABLE SourceDatabase.dbo.[#TempLanguageText];

Just swap out SourceDatabase with your source database name and swap TargetDatabase with your target database name.

That's for MS-SQL.

This may require an application pool recycle for the changes to be picked up by Umbraco.

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