Blogs Should Have Comments

Blogs Should Have Comments

Posted Monday November 26, 2012 at 9:48:52 pm in Musings

Why do some blogs/tech sites disable comments for their articles? It's one thing if the article is a simple news announcement, but an editorial?

I think it's cowardly to disable comments for an editorial. Personally writers should be accountable for their pieces. In this day and age, I think it is expected by readers on blogs to be able to reply to the piece. But disabling comments? It just reeks of not wanting accountability. You know, just wanting to sound off without any repercussions. Readers can't correct the writer. They can't give their opinion on the piece. No, they're constrained to reading the drivel and just "dealing with it."

To all you blog owners: unless you have a legitimate reason to not allow comments (security?), turn on your comments! Be accountable!

Oh, and just so I cross my t's: I think readers who are commenting need to be accountable as well. You shouldn't be posting anonymous comments. Own up to your comments. The best way (I think) to ensure that commenters are accountable is to link them to a profile that represents a real person: Facebook.

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