Appreciating Jim Johnson: The Cold Hard Stats

Appreciating Jim Johnson: The Cold Hard Stats

Posted Sunday July 14, 2013 at 9:03:45 pm in Real Sports

Through 96 games this season, Jim Johnson has already made 47 appearances and notched 33 saves by July 14th, 2013. He's also had 6 blown saves for a total of 39 save opportunities. 

It took JJ to August 4th (107th game) to make his 47th appearance. He also didn't notch his 33rd save until August 6th (109th) last year. 

Jim Johnson is currently on pace to save 56 games and make 79 appearances. And have 66 save opportunities (and covert 85% of them).

In 2012, JJ made 71 appearances and ended up saving 51 games. He also only blew 3 saves for a total of 54 save opportunities. That was a 94% success rate.

If Jim Johnson had the same success rate as last year and continued at the rate of save opportunities this year...the numbers would be staggering:

  • 66 save opportunities
  • 62 saves

The current save record is held by Francisco Rodriguez back in 2008 (62 saves).

Jim Johnson lost only 1 game in 2012. He's already lost 7 this year. If Johnson lost only 1 game this year, the Orioles record would change from 53-43 (10 over .500) to 59-37.

That would be the best record in baseball. And would put the O's in 1st place in the AL East.

JJ blew 4 saves from May 14th to May 26th. In that span, his numbers weren't pretty:

Batters hit 500, slugged 846, an OPS of 1.413. And a whopping 21.60 ERA.

Since then?

18 saves, 20 save opportunities (2 blown saves, 2 losses), only 16 hits, 7 walks, 17 strikeouts, 4 earned runs, 19 2/3 IP:

  • 1.170 WHIP
  • 7.3 H/9
  • 7.8 SO/9
  • 3.2 BB/9
  • 1.83 ERA

So while the 7 losses are the most losses on the club (Jason Hammel is second with 6 losses and Freddy Garcia is 3rd with 5 losses) and his 6 blown saves are twice as many in last year through only 96 games...Jim Johnson has been a pivotal part of this club's bullpen.

And if he can continue his success rate after a bad stretch back in May, it could mean more historic numbers for Jim Johnson.

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