About Me

My name is Stephen Adams. Okay, Stephen Paul Adams. I'm a web developer and gadget fiend who is thoroughly infatuated with baseball (specifically the Baltimore Orioles). 

Professionally I'm the Technical Director at Cie Studios. They've put up with me since November of 2005. I've done everything from creating full fledged e-commerce sites from scratch (as well as using existing platforms) to creating socket servers for games.

Prior to Cie Studios I was employed by Black & Decker. I started off as an Intern Developer for the Global IT Services group moving over to the Web Services group as a full time Web Developer after graduating from Towson University in 2005.

I'm married to the wonderful Sarah Adams. Together we have 2 fur-babies: Maximus (Golden Retriever) and Dewey (Pug). I promise one of these days I'll put up photos from our shabby chic/baseball themed wedding. Oh, and plenty of pictures of Weena and The Butt (nicknames for Dewey and Maximus, respectively).

Anyways, I (as well as you) have braved enough by reading/writing this About Me. It'll change...but only if I remember to update it. My memory is pretty terrible. It might have to do with ADD...oh, look! A bike!

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view